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Chinese Calligraphy and Traditional Cultural Values to Decorate Unwanted CDs & DVDs

For schools and seniors only

This event is for schools and seniors only. But one may try preparing artworks on your own.

Presenters: Irene Hung and Dr. Lien Chao

Preparations 1:  Materials and Tools

  1. Collect unwanted CDs or DVDs: Teachers need to collect unwanted CD and DVD from all sources; you may ask the students to bring some from home as well. The number of CD/DVD needed for each class depends on how many pieces each student wants to decorate.  
  • Chinese calligraphy demonstrations: there will be 3 Chinese calligraphy demos for the secondary level; and 3 different demos for the elementary level. Together 6 demos.
  • Paper: Sketchbook paper or paper of 65 lb.
  • Broad-tip markers: 3mm, best 5mm; one black marker for each student, a few red or other colours to share in class.
  • Hanging ribbon: Any color; cut to 10” to 12” length.
  • Scissors: For cutting sketch paper and ribbon.
  • Wood glue: Glue calligraphy on sketch paper onto CD or DVD. White glue will not stick on CD/DVD. 
  • Glue gun: An alternative tool to wood glue for secondary students.
  • Some recycled paper used as under pad to protect your desk. 
  • Pencil and eraser.

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