Asian Heritage Month-CFACI
Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage (VMACCH)

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Episode 1: Ali Kazmi/Actor
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Ali Kazmi is a Pakistani-Canadian actor that has broken barriers in the acting world and paved new paths for future Asian-Canadians in film and television. Ali is the star of “Beeba Boys” and Deepa Metha’s “Funny Boy,” which was Canada’s submission to the 2021 Academy Awards. Hear Ali’s amazing immigrant story. An Asian Heritage Month special interview that will be sure to enlighten and inspire! 

Episode 2: Deputy Peter Yuen/Deputy Chief of Toronto Police Service
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When Peter Yuen came to Canada, his family had hopes and dreams just like every other hard working immigrant family. The career path his parents had in mind for him fell into the category of “traditional”, but Peter had other ideas. A recruitment booth for law enforcement colliding with a feisty young immigrant with strong ideas of his own, made a winning combination, as Deputy Yuen rose trough the ranks to become Deputy Chief of the Toronto Police Service. This is a story that will show all Canadians the recipe for success.

Episode 3: Tony Wong/Journalist 
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Tony grew up in Montego Bay, Jamaica. As a young Chinese Jamaican, he has always felt he was a bit of an outsider. When Tony immigrated to Canada, he showed everyone that he could break all barriers and overcome being an outsider. He perfected his writing skills and became one of The Toronto Star’s star writers; he has written about business, technology, culture and made a significant mark at the Toronto daily newspaper as TV Critic. Hear Tony, as he speaks to Justin Poy about his life, his challenges and his views on the recent media attention surrounding Asian Hate. 

Episode 4: Honourable Dr. Vivienne Poy/Former Senator and Founder of Asian Heritage Month 
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The Honourable Vivienne Poy was Canada’s very first Senator of Asian descent. Arrived in Canada from Hong Kong in the 1950s to attend McGill University. She married after graduation and became a Canadian citizen. She is one of the country’s most high profile Asian Canadians. She raised three children and then launched successful careers as a fashion designer, entrepreneur, author and completed post-graduate studies in History, attaining her Masters and PhD degrees, and was elected by the College of Electors as the Chancellor of the University of Toronto during her time in the Senate of Canada. Twenty years ago, through her Motion in the Senate, she became the founder of Asian Heritage Month in Canada, declaring the month of May as the time when all Asian Canadians celebrate their cultures, and share their rich heritage with the rest of the country. Dr. Poy has a most fascinating story to tell. Tune in to listen to an in-depth interview with the woman who started it all.