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Collection ArticleFieldRegionKeywords
Abdul Qaiyum LodhiEducationSouth AsianEducation
Adreinne ClarksonPeopleEast AsianPolitics & Law
Aga Khan MuseumPeopleAll AsianMuseums
Alfred NgArts & ExpressionEast AsianVisual Art
Alice HoArts & ExpressionEast AsianMusic
Alvin TolentinoArts & ExpressionSoutheast AsianDance
Ambedkar Statue Unveiling Ceremony at York UniversityPeopleSouth AsianPolitics & Law
Amy WongArts & ExpressionEast AsianVisual Art
Ann ShinArts & ExpressionEast AsianFilm
Anthony B. ChanEducationEast AsianFilm
Ariel BaleviArts & ExpressionSouth AsianStorytelling
Asha-Aditii RupareliaPeopleSouth AsianBusiness
Asian Heritage Month PhotosPeopleAll AsianAsian Heritage
Asian North American HistoryPeopleAll AsianAsian Heritage
Avianna Chao SportsEast AsianSports
Bata Shoe CollectionHistoryAll AsianAsian Heritage
Bata Shoe MuseumPeopleAll AsianMuseum
Bernice Gei-Ying HuneEducationEast AsianStorytelling
Betty LeePeopleEast AsianBusiness
Brandon Yip SportsEast Asian
Canadian Foundation for Chinese HeritagePeopleEast AsianAdvocacy
Canadians of Pakistani OriginPeopleSouth AsianAdvocacy
CanAsian DanceArts & ExpressionAll AsianDance
Carol HuynhSportsEast AsianSports
Chan Hon GohArts & ExpressionEast AsianDance
Chan Ka NinArts & ExpressionEast AsianMusic
Cheuk KwanArts & ExpressionEast AsianFilm
Chi Ping DanceArts & ExpressionEast AsianDance
Chinatown Victoria BCHistoryEast AsianEditorials & Essays
Chinese Book ReviewsArts & ExpressionEast AsianLiterature
Chinese Canadian Legends AwardPeopleEast AsianAsian Heritage
Chinese History in CanadaHistoryEast AsianEducation
Chinese Monument ProjectHistoryEast AsianEducation
Chinese Pen SocietyArts & ExpressionEast AsianLiterature
Christine Mari YoshikawaArts & ExpressionEast AsianMusic
Cultural History EducationHistoryAll AsianIndex
David HuynhArts & ExpressionEast AsianFilm
David KeaneEducationAll AsianMusic
David SuzukiScienceEast AsianScience
Deepa MehtaArts & ExpressionEast AsianDance
Denise FujiwaraArts & ExpressionSouth AsianFilm
Devin SetoguchiSportsEast AsianHockey
Devraj PatnaikArts & ExpressionSouth AsianDance
Dilip SennScienceSouth AsianScience
Doris Ha-Lin SungArts & ExpressionEast AsianVisual Art
Dunhuang Chamber EnsembleArts & ExpressionEast AsianMusic
Education Roundtable 2009PeopleAll AsianAsian Heritage
Eliora PatnaikArts & ExpressionSouth AsianDance
EmigrationEducationAll AsianEditorials & Essays
Events IndexPeopleAll AsianIndex
Eugene WangSportsEast AsianOlympic Games | Table Tennis
Fables & Storytelling IndexPeopleAll AsianStorytelling
Festival Accès AsiePeopleAll AsianEvents
Festival Chinese New YearPeopleEast AsianEvents
Festival Peace TreePeopleAll AsianEvents
Fish Skin Clothing CollectionPeopleEast AsianMuseum
fu-GENArts & ExpressionAll AsianDance
Gail KimSportsEast AsianWresting
Gamelan InstrumentArts & ExpressionSouth AsianMusic
Ganesh AnandanArts & ExpressionSouth AsianMusic
Gardiner Ceramic MuseumPeopleAll AsianMuseum
Gauri GuhaArts & ExpressionSouth AsianMusic
General HistoryHistoryAll AsianAsian Heritage
Gerard ChoyArts & ExpressionSoutheast AsianVisual Art
Giri Kedaton EnsembleArts & ExpressionSoutheast AsianMusic
Gulshan Rai SainiScienceSouth AsianScience
Haroon SiddiquiPeopleAll AsianEditorials & Essays
Harvey ChanArts & ExpressionEast AsianVisual Art
Hasheel LodhiaArts & ExpressionSouth AsianMusic
Henry HoArts & ExpressionEast AsianVisual Art
History of Asian Heritage MonthPeopleAll AsianAsian Heritage
Hong Luck Kung FuArts & ExpressionEast AsianDance
Indonesian Cultural CentrePeopleSoutheast AsianAdvocacy
Indu VarmaEducationSouth AsianEducation
Irene HungArts & ExpressionEast AsianVisual Art
James ChongHistoryAll AsianEditorials & Essays
James EndicottHistoryEast AsianProfiles
Japanese Canadian Redress SettlementHistoryEast AsianPolitics & Law
Jay GouldingPeopleAll AsianEducation
Jay Jitrendra MathurPeopleSouth AsianBusiness
Jaya KitchluArts & ExpressionSouth AsianMedia
Jean B LumbPeopleEast AsianEntrepreneurship
Jeng YiArts & ExpressionEast AsianMusic
Jeyaratnam WilsonEducationSouth AsianEducation
JoSHArts & ExpressionSouth AsianMusic
Julian SamuelArts & ExpressionSouth AsianFilm
Juri HiraokaArts & ExpressionEast AsianDance
Kai ChanArts & ExpressionEast AsianVisual Art
Kalasri PatnaikArts & ExpressionSouth AsianDance
Kampong Ku RadioPeopleSoutheast AsianMedia
Karilagan Dance SocietyArts & ExpressionSoutheast AsianDance
Kate StevensArts & ExpressionEast AsianLiterature
Keiichi HiranoArts & ExpressionEast AsianDance
Kelly MacDonaldSportsEast Asian
Kenneth ChengArts & ExpressionEast AsianPhotography
Kevin Samuel YeeArts & ExpressionEast AsianTheatre
Khosro BerahmandiArts & ExpressionSouth AsianVisual Art
Kim ThuyArts & ExpressionEast AsianStorytelling
Kiran AhluwaliaArts & ExpressionSouth AsianMusic
Kiran AmbwaniArts & ExpressionSouth AsianPhotography
Kiran MorarjiArts & ExpressionSouth AsianMusic
Kwon SoojungArts & ExpressionEast AsianDance
Lap-Chee TsuiEducationEast AsianEducation
LaquiansHistorySoutheast AsianEditorials & Essays
Larry N. ShyuEducationEast AsianEducation
Lata PadaArts & ExpressionSouth AsianDance
Lee Pui MingArts & ExpressionEast AsianMusic
Leo ChanPeopleEast AsianPeople
Lien ChaoArts & ExpressionEast AsianLiterature
Lily ChowEducationEast AsianEducation
Linda SaphanArts & ExpressionSoutheast AsianVisual Art
Links and Resources IndexEducationAll AsianIndex
Little Empire StoryArts & ExpressionSouth AsianStorytelling
Little EmpireArts & ExpressionAll AsianMusic
Louise NoguchiArts & ExpressionEast AsianTheatre
Lucille ChungArts & ExpressionEast AsianMusic
Lynne KutsukakeArts & ExpressionEast AsianLiterature
Manuel LauArts & ExpressionEast AsianVisual Art
Marjorie ChanArts & ExpressionEast AsianTheatre
Meeta SharmaPeopleSouth AsianEvents
Menaka ThakkarArts & ExpressionSouth AsianDance
Messages IndexPeopleAll AsianIndex
Michelle LiSportsEast AsianSports
Minna Re ShinArts & ExpressionEast AsianMusic
Moises D. CabatuScienceSoutheast AsianScience
Mongolian Footwear CollectionPeopleEast AsianMuseum
Museums IndexPeopleAll AsianIndex
Nanda KandasamyArts & ExpressionSouth AsianVisual Art
Narendra DatarArts & ExpressionSouth AsianMusic
Natasha BakhtArts & ExpressionSouth AsianDance
Neville PoyPeopleEast AsianProfiles
Noriko YamamotoArts & ExpressionEast AsianDance
Norman KwongPeopleEast AsianPolitics & Law
Oliver Au-YeungArts & ExpressionEast AsianVisual Art
Osric ChauArts & ExpressionEast AsianFilm
Patrick ChanSportsEast AsianOlympic Games | Figure Skating
Paul NguyenSportsEast AsianFilm
Pelin Yazar CanezArts & ExpressionWestern AsianVisual Art
Peter ChinArts & ExpressionEast AsianVisual Art
Phillipine AdvocacyPeopleSoutheast AsianAsian Heritage
Prakash JoshiEducationSouth AsianEducation
Rabis KhedrPeopleSouth AsianEditorials & Essays
Raging Asian WomenArts & ExpressionEast AsianDance
Rita JethiPeopleSouth AsianProfile
Rod DiosoArts & ExpressionSoutheast AsianVisual Art
Ruth OhiArts & ExpressionEast AsianVisual Art
Sandra OhArts & ExpressionEast AsianFilm
Sathya Sai SchoolEducationAll AsianAsian Heritage
Vivienne PoyPeopleEast AsianPolitics & Law
Shah SchoolPeopleAll AsianAsian Heritage
Shahin ParhamiArts & ExpressionSouth AsianFilm
Shamsi ShahrokhiArts & ExpressionSouth AsianVisual Art
Shelly BahlArts & ExpressionSouth AsianVisual Art
Shizuye TakashimaArts & ExpressionEast AsianVisual Art
Social HistoryPeopleAll AsianAsian Heritage
Soo Han YoonPeopleEast AsianEditorials & Essays
Steph SongArts & ExpressionEast AsianMedia
Stephen SiauwScienceEast AsianScience
Stephen SiuArts & ExpressionEast AsianPhotography
Suraj SadanArts & ExpressionSouth AsianPhotography
Tam Kam ChiuArts & ExpressionEast AsianPhotography
Tanya KimArts & ExpressionEast AsianMedia
Tejal ShahEducationSouth AsianEducation
Tetsuro ShigematsuArts & ExpressionEast AsianMedia
Textile MuseumPeopleAll AsianMuseums
The Bilz & KashifArts & ExpressionAll AsianMusic
The Chung CollectionPeopleEast AsianMuseum
Tushar UnadkatArts & ExpressionSouth AsianEditorials & Essays
United Indonesian Canadian SocietyPeopleSoutheast AsianAdvocacy
Verinder N. KhannaScienceSouth AsianScience
Vivienne Poy’s SpeechesPeopleAll AsianEditorials & Essays
Wei ChenArts & ExpressionEast AsianDance
Welcome Message from V. PoyPeopleAll AsianEditorials & Essays
Wendy JangEducationEast AsianEducation
Who is Asian?PeopleAll AsianAsian Heritage
Xiao Nan YuArts & ExpressionEast AsianDance
Yadong GuanArts & ExpressionEast AsianMusic
Yiannis KapoulasArts & ExpressionSouth AsianMusic
Ying Yueh ChuangArts & ExpressionEast AsianVisual Art
Yueheng DuanArts & ExpressionEast AsianPhotography
Yung ChangArts & ExpressionEast AsianFilm
Yvonne NgArts & ExpressionSoutheast AsianDance
ZameerArts & ExpressionSouth AsianMusic
Zulfikarali KassamaliHistorySouth AsianEditorials & Essays

Regional Boundaries

East Asia | China, Hong Kong, Macao, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Republic of Korea 

Central Asia | Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan 

South Asia | Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Iran, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka 

Southeast Asia | Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam 

Western Asia | Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, State of Palestine, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen

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Asian Heritage Society of Fredericton, New Brunswick: Speech by V. Poy 2008
Asian Heritage Society of New Brunswick: Speech by V. Poy 2008
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Québec Stand Firm Executive Summary English
Québec Stand Firm Executive Summary French
Richmond: Aboriginal Culture
Richmond: Archeology
Richmond: Architecture
Richmond: Arts Collection
Richmond: Biographies
Richmond: Business Fiction
Richmond: Characters
Richmond: Court
Richmond: Medicine
Richmond: Nan
Richmond: Nutmeg
Richmond: Qing
Richmond: Sisters
Richmond: Taiwan
Richmond: Teapath
Richmond: Tombs
Richmond: Wolf
Richmond: Xing
AHM 2013: Education Roundtable
Saira Hussain: Journey from Pakistan to Canada
Mitra Sen: The Peace Tree
Mitra Sen: The Peace Tree Activities
Richmond: Multiculturalism
One Man’s Love Heals Another Man’s Cruelty
Humans Have Done It Again
Takashima Excerpt
An Act of Kindness from a Man?
AHM 2012: Keynote Speech V. Poy Toronto Public Library
VMACCH Press Release 2008
Textile Museum: Shine Invite 2013
AHM: Heritage Canada Minister Message
Suraj Sadan: Gandhi Photo
Sathya Sai School: Diwali
Sathya Sai School: Guru Poonima
Sathya Sai School: Ugadi
Sathya Sai School: Naadam of Mongolia
Sathya Sai School: Thai Pongal
Sathya Sai School: Swing Festival of Thailand
Sathya Sai School: Raksha Bandhan
Sathya Sai School: Sinhala or Aluth Avurudhu
Yip Sang Bio

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