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All Asian denotes an article, event or organization that is pan-Asian

Central Asian—Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

East Asian—People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macao, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Republic of Korea

South Asian—Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Iran, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Southeast Asian—Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam

Western Asian—Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, State of Palestine, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen

All Asian

Collection ArticleFieldKeyword(s)
Aga Khan MuseumPeopleMuseums
Asian Canadian ResearchEducationIndex
Bata Shoe CollectionHistoryAsian Heritage
Bata Shoe MuseumPeopleMuseum
CanAsian DanceArts & ExpressionDance
Cultural History EducationHistoryIndex
David KeaneEducationMusic
Education Roundtable 2009PeopleAsian Heritage
Emigration is RecreationEducationEditorials & Essays
Events IndexPeopleIndex
Fables & Storytelling PeopleStorytelling
Festival Accès AsiePeopleEvents
Peace Tree FestivalPeopleEvents
fu-GENArts & ExpressionDance
Gardiner MuseumPeopleMuseum
General HistoryHistoryAsian Heritage
Haroon SiddiquiPeopleEditorials & Essays
History of Asian Heritage MonthPeopleAsian Heritage
James ChongHistoryEditorials & Essays
Jay GouldingPeopleEducation
Little EmpireArts & ExpressionMusic
Museums IndexPeopleIndex
Sathya Sai SchoolEducationAsian Heritage
Shah SchoolPeopleAsian Heritage
Social HistoryPeopleAsian Heritage
Textile Museum of CanadaPeopleMuseums
The Bilz & KashifArts & ExpressionMusic
Vivienne PoyPeopleEditorials & Essays
Welcome Message from V. PoyPeopleEditorials & Essays
Who is Asian?PeopleAsian Heritage

Central Asian

Collection ArticleFieldKeywords

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East Asian

Collection ArticleFieldKeyword(s)
Adreinne ClarksonPeoplePolitics & Law
Alfred NgArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Alice HoArts & ExpressionMusic
Amy WongArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Ann ShinArts & ExpressionFilm
Anthony B. ChanEducationFilm
Bernice Gei-Ying HuneEducationStorytelling
Betty LeePeopleBusiness
Canadian Foundation for Chinese
Heritage Preservation
Chan Hon GohArts & ExpressionDance
Chan Ka NinArts & ExpressionMusic
Cheuk KwanArts & ExpressionFilm
Chi Ping Dance GroupArts & ExpressionDance
Chinatown Victoria, BCHistoryEditorials & Essays
Chinese Book ReviewsArts & ExpressionLiterature
Chinese Canadian Legends AwardPeopleAsian Heritage
Chinese History in CanadaHistoryEducation
Chinese Monument ProjectHistoryEducation
Chinese New YearPeopleEvents
Chinese Pen SocietyArts & ExpressionLiterature
Christine Mari YoshikawaArts & ExpressionMusic
David HuynhArts & ExpressionFilm
David SuzukiScienceScience
Denise FujiwaraArts & ExpressionDance
Doris Ha-Lin SungArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Dunhuang Chamber EnsembleArts & ExpressionMusic
Endicott Story in ChinaHistoryProfiles
Fish Skin Clothing CollectionPeopleMuseum
Harvey ChanArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Henry HoArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Hong Luck Kung FuArts & ExpressionDance
Japanese Canadian Redress SettlementHistoryPolitics & Law
Jean B LumbPeopleEntrepreneurship
Jeng YiArts & ExpressionMusic
Juri HiraokaArts & ExpressionDance
Kai ChanArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Kate StevensArts & ExpressionLiterature
Keiichi HiranoArts & ExpressionDance
Kenneth ChengArts & ExpressionPhotography
Kevin Samuel YeeArts & ExpressionTheatre
Kwon SoojungArts & ExpressionDance
Lap-Chee TsuiEducationEducation
Larry N. ShyuEducationEducation
Lee Pui MingArts & ExpressionMusic
Lien ChaoArts & ExpressionLiterature
Lily ChowEducationEducation
Louise NoguchiArts & ExpressionTheatre
Lucille ChungArts & ExpressionMusic
Lynne KutsukakeArts & ExpressionLiterature
Manuel LauArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Marjorie ChanArts & ExpressionTheatre
Minna Re ShinArts & ExpressionMusic
Mongolian Footwear CollectionPeopleMuseum
Neville PoyPeopleProfiles
Noriko YamamotoArts & ExpressionDance
Norman L. KwongPeoplePolitics & Law
Oliver Au-YeungArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Osric ChauArts & ExpressionFilm
Peter ChinArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Raging Asian Womxn Taiko DrummersArts & ExpressionDance
Ron KorbArts & ExpressionMusic
Ruth OhiArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Sandra OhArts & ExpressionFilm
Vivienne PoyPeoplePolitics & Law
Shizuye TakashimaArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Soo Han YoonPeopleEditorials & Essays
Steph SongArts & ExpressionMedia
Stephen SiauwScienceScience
Stephen SiuArts & ExpressionPhotography
Tam Kam ChiuArts & ExpressionPhotography
Tanya KimArts & ExpressionMedia
Tetsuro ShigematsuArts & ExpressionMedia
The Chung CollectionPeopleMuseum
Wei ChanArts & ExpressionDance
Wendy JangEducationEducation
Xiao Nan YuArts & ExpressionDance
Yadong GuanArts & ExpressionMusic
Ying Yueh ChuangArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Yueheng DuanArts & ExpressionPhotography
Yung ChangArts & ExpressionFilm

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South Asian

Collection ArticleFieldKeyword(s)
Abdul Qaiyum LodhiEducationEducation
Ambedkar Statue Unveiling Ceremony at York UniversityArts & ExpressionPolitics & Law
Ariel BaleviArts & ExpressionStorytelling
Asha-Aditii RupareliaPeopleBusiness
Canadians of Pakistani OriginPeopleAdvocacy
Devraj PatnaikArts & ExpressionDance
Dilip SennScienceScience
Ellora PatnaikArts & ExpressionDance
Sights and Sounds of GamelanArts & ExpressionMusic
Ganesh AnandanArts & ExpressionMusic
Gauri GuhaArts & ExpressionMusic
Gulshan Rai SainiScienceScience
Hasheel LodhiaArts & ExpressionMusic
Indu VarmaEducationEducation
Jitendra (Jay) MathurPeopleBusiness
Jaya KitchluArts & ExpressionMedia
Jeyaratnam WilsonEducationEducation
JoSHArts & ExpressionMusic
Julian SamuelArts & ExpressionFilm
Chitralekha PatnaikArts & ExpressionDance
Khosro BerahmandiArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Kiran AhluwaliaArts & ExpressionMusic
Kiran AmbwaniArts & ExpressionPhotography
Kiran MorarjiArts & ExpressionMusic
Lata PadaArts & ExpressionDance
tha REAL of Little EmpireArts & ExpressionStorytelling
Menaka ThakkarArts & ExpressionDance
Nanda KandasamyArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Narendra DatarArts & ExpressionMusic
Natasha BakhtArts & ExpressionDance
Prakash JoshiEducationEducation
Rabia KhedrPeopleEditorials & Essays
Rita JethiPeopleProfile
Shahin ParhamiArts & ExpressionFilm
Shamsi ShahrokhiArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Shelly BahlArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Suraj SadanArts & ExpressionPhotography
Tejal ShahEducationEducation
Tushar UnadkatArts & ExpressionEditorials & Essays
Verinder N. KhannaScienceScience
Yiannis KapoulasArts & ExpressionMusic
ZameerArts & ExpressionMusic
Zulfikarali KassamaliHistoryEditorials & Essays

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Southeast Asia

Collection ArticleFieldKeyword(s)
Alvin Erasga TolentinoArts & ExpressionDance
Gerard ChoyArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Giri Kedaton Balinese Music EnsembleArts & ExpressionMusic
Kampong Ku RadioPeopleMedia
Karilagan Dance SocietyArts & ExpressionDance
The LaquiansHistoryEditorials & Essays
LinDa SaphanArts & ExpressionVisual Art
Moises D. CabatuScienceScience
Philippine Advocacy through Arts and CulturePeopleAsian Heritage
Rod DiosoArts & ExpressionVisual Art
United Indonesian Canadian SocietyPeopleAdvocacy
Yvonne NgArts & ExpressionDance

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Western Asia

Collection ArticleFieldKeyword(s)
Pelin Yazar CanezArts & ExpressionVisual Art

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