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Tejal Shah

Education, South Asian, Education

She is an enthusiastic teacher from British Columbia who enjoys bringing a multicultural and globally conscious perspective to her students. She is currently working at a faith-based school and is learning a great deal about cultivating a wonderful balance between culture, religion and identity within a Canadian setting. Tejal had an opportunity to teach her students about creative expression, school spirit, and multiculturalism by having students from kindergarten to Grade 8 participate in painting the school’s courtyard with colourful pictures on globalization, friendship and diversity.

Tejal’s passion for travel and her international teaching experience has allowed her to influence a demanding curriculum while providing students with personal experiences ranging from other continents.

Tejal holds a bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and bachelor’s degree in Education in Intermediate Years, both from the University of British Columbia. Along with her teaching responsibilities, Tejal enjoys reading, hiking and travelling. Her latest travel adventures include climbing Machu Picchu in Peru and visiting many other significant archaeological sites in South America.

Tejal is looking forward to her future of pursuing a master of Arts degree in Peace Education and developing related curriculum.

Shah’s students tell their stories