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Asian Canadian Research: Links and Resources

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Below you will find links and resources related to Asian Canadian research provided by Allan Cho of the University of British Columbia Library, the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice, and the Road to Justice.

Subject Resources for Asian Canadian Studies at UBC Library
This Asian Canadian subject guide lists selected print and electronic information sources available to UBC faculty, students and staff.

Chung Collection at the University of British Columbia
In 1999, the Chung family made an exceptional gift to the UBC Library, with their donation of The Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung Collection.

In making a generous gift of this unique and extensive research collection, Dr. Chung gives back to Canada something of what he and his family have gained since his grandfather came from China to settle in Victoria more than 100 years ago.

Chinese Canadian Research Collection / Edgar Wickberg (collector)
—Compiled by Christopher Hives (1986)

Chinese Canadian Research Collection / Edgar Wickberg (collector) – 1885-1979, 1984 1996. 7.53 m of textual records and other materials.

The Chinese Canadian Collection grew out of a number of research projects undertaken by three UBC professors—Edgar Wickberg (History), Graham Johnson (Anthropology) and William Willmott (Sociology)—which culminated in the publication of the book From China to Canada: A History of the Chinese Community in Canada (1982). Part of a series of social histories devoted to the study of various ethnic groups in Canada, the book was published in association with the Department of the Secretary of State. Also contributing to the book and the background research were Harry Con (Vancouver Chinatown businessman) and R.J. Con who, until the time of his death, served with the Secretary of State.

The Canadian Pacific Railway Photograph Collection
Comprises images depicting the history of the CPR in British Columbia. These images provide a fascinating insight into the role of the railway in the development of the province. The pictures portray rural and urban railway stations; railway bridges that are true engineering feats reaching out across the challenging topography of the province; the workers who laid the tracks and manned the locomotives; the passengers who travelled on the railway; and a myriad of buildings, hotels, yards, and ships, all of which were part of the Canadian Pacific Railway in British Columbia. The pictures were captured by various photographers and they range in date from the 1880s to the 1950s

Nanaimo Chinatowns Project
In 1997, Dr. Imogene Lim received funding from British Columbia Heritage Trust to research the history of Chinese Canadians in Nanaimo, BC. The research began with the assistance of Colleen Stuart, who was then Dr. Lim’s student; she was hired as a researcher for the project. In addition, Qun Chen was employed as a translator for a number of the historic Chinese documents. Since then, others have been involved in making this project a success. They include Nancy Jones, Kelly Muir, Nathanael de Jager and Brent Lee. Brent, in particular, is to be thanked for making the “bells and whistles” of this website actually work.

Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia
The Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia is a non-profit, participatory provincial organization dedicated to broadening our shared understanding of history of the Chinese in British Columbia through research, documentation, preservation and education.

Asian Canadian Writer’s Workshop
Assisting Asian Canadian writers in publishing and showcasing their work since 1969. Publisher of Ricepaper, the magazine about creative and inspirational Asian Canadians.

Ricepaper Magazine
Ricepaper is an arts and lit quarterly that focuses on East Asian and Southeast Asian culture. Ricepaper accepts unsolicited submissions of up to eight previously unpublished poems, on any subject, in any form.

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