Asian Heritage Month-CFACI
Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage (VMACCH)

For schools and seniors only

This event is for schools and seniors only. But one may try preparing artworks on your own.

Presenters: Irene Hung and Dr. Lien Chao

Preparations 1:  Materials and Tools

  1. Collect unwanted CDs or DVDs: Teachers need to collect unwanted CD and DVD from all sources; you may ask the students to bring some from home as well. The number of CD/DVD needed for each class depends on how many pieces each student wants to decorate.  
  • Chinese calligraphy demonstrations: there will be 3 Chinese calligraphy demos for the secondary level; and 3 different demos for the elementary level. Together 6 demos.
  • Paper: Sketchbook paper or paper of 65 lb.
  • Broad-tip markers: 3mm, best 5mm; one black marker for each student, a few red or other colours to share in class.
  • Hanging ribbon: Any color; cut to 10” to 12” length.
  • Scissors: For cutting sketch paper and ribbon.
  • Wood glue: Glue calligraphy on sketch paper onto CD or DVD. White glue will not stick on CD/DVD. 
  • Glue gun: An alternative tool to wood glue for secondary students.
  • Some recycled paper used as under pad to protect your desk. 
  • Pencil and eraser.